Video: Morning snowshoe walk

A video! I took this – video at the end – earlier this week before we had a bit of a melt. As noted previously, video is not my favorite thing … I don’t do it well and struggle with editing … primarily because I haven’t spent time to learn. But also because I tend to like the subtle story telling of still photos.

However, some of the action stuff is fun – particularly Auggie, who is often like a “speeding bullet” and also very vocal … about everything!

The people I know, who do some video and might assist, all use iMovie on Apple operating systems. My only Apple device is my phone. I intended to use some of my Christmas holiday break to work through some tutorials and negotiate a bit of the video editing learning curve but kept putting it off and mission NOT accomplished

But, this morning, I did a search for “iMovie for Windows” and found a product that is supposed to be close-ish as in ease of use and powerful features.


A promise of 30 minutes. A fun looking interface. I was all in.

I watched a quick tutorial and added my video. And then … AND THEN … it didn’t need editing! I was thinking that there were points where I turned or stumbled or talked baby talk that I wanted to edit out, but it turned out that I was ok with the entire thing. Maybe that is a good first try. The software does seem easy to use. I have some other videos that I KNOW need editing so I’ll take a whack at them.

But meanwhile…nearly 5 minutes of Bear, Auggie and I tromping through the snowy woods. I don’t want to oversell this – it is a simple walk :) !!

One of the stars after we “wrapped” filming…

… just hanging out!

And the other star … lying low.

Brothers in the snow

It got up to 16F at my house today. But a low cloud deck and a dewpoint of 7F made for it feeling much colder!

But the snow is perfection!!! And I have tromped down wonderful trails through the woods: circles and loops and straightaways for running. We have been enjoying as much as possible.

The extended forecast is dismal: above freezing temperatures for Wed-Friday next week and rain … RAIN!!! I dearly hope the forecast is wrong and that it stays below freezing. The perfect snow and the trails and the good walking on the driveway … it has been a good run compared to prior years but I do NOT want it to turn into an ice bowl!


This weekend and until … we will all enjoy every moment in this beautiful snow.


Alpenglow happens when the rays of the setting or rising sun bend around the curvature of the earth and light up the mountains in the opposite direction: sunset lights mountains to the east, sunrise lights mountains to the west.

I went down the road close to sunset which was also supposed to be close to moonrise … a full moon rising. With the arctic front, came clear skies and I hoped there might be an alpenglow rising full moon.

The moon was late. Probably not the moon’s fault. I’m using a new moon phase app and this was my first try at matching its time for moonrise to actuality.

All was not lost as the alpenglow was beautiful.

West and Northwest, there was a pink glow on the mountains.

Even more north towards Big Mountain: you can see some of the ski trails about mid-photo.

The last bit of pink alpenglow above the road home.

More snow

Sunday night and Monday morning it snowed to the tune of 10 inches of fresh, powdery snow.

The big ‘shoes came out to make plenty of walk paths for Bear, Auggie and me … and because I LOVE to snowshoe!

Auggie uses the paths, but also the snowless bits around the house and garage.

Bear used a path out to Beardog Point.

I also stomped down an area for the Beardog watch.

It has been a busy couple of days clearing snow, making the paths and generally enjoying the new snow. Temperatures have been warmer … in the mid-20’s F daytime.

Another arctic front has hit this evening and we are to be very cold again until the weekend.

St. Nick has come and gone, but even through clouds, the nearly full moon “on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave a luster of midday to objects below”!