Sun, snow, banana bread and asiago rolls

It doesn’t look sunny, but it was early. It was clearly going to become sunny and it was warm AND it was my first morning coffee on the front porch.

The next morning we woke to a dusting of snow. I juiced the last of this year’s Meyer Lemons, fed my sourdough starter and enjoyed a snow squally morning.

I’m not sure the chairs enjoyed the snow…

… and the morning coffee routine was much cooler!

The remainder of the week went back and forth between sun and snow … sometimes multiple times during the day!

Today, Sunday, we woke to snow and it has snowed, rained, snowed and now is doing a bit of a wintry mix as I write.

A fragrant brown butter cardamom banana bread (baked as mini-loaves) from Andrea Bemis’ blog: Dishing up the dirt warmed up the morning. (The three loaves with the dried cherries on top have some crystallized ginger bits as a trial addition. Ok but did not add enough to use them again. The recipe as written is wonderful.)

Andrea’s book, also ‘Dishing up the Dirt’ has become a favorite. I’m not a cookbook buyer usually, but the photos and the memoir aspect enticed me to buy this one. I have no regrets. It is a beautiful book with wonderful recipes and I liked it so much that I bought the Kindle version as well so I always have the recipes with me to refer to.

Almost two weeks ago, I saw Mel’s Kitchen Cafe recipe for asiago bubble bread . Mel’s recipe is based on her own french bread roll recipe . I’ve made those rolls and they are very good, but I looked at the King Arthur flour recipe that Mel said inspired her adaptation and decided to make the King Arthur version adapted to use my wild yeast (sourdough) starter and some discard starter.

It worked very well!

Both the rolls and the buns are soft with asiago cheese in them and a crunchy asiago herb top.

Auggie says: “More sun, less snow, please!”