Coffee, Ciabatta and snow: Monday Morning

One of my favorite things is the morning time in the kitchen: making coffee, mixing or shaping dough or just standing and watching. During Winter, a bonus is large flakes of falling snow light by an outside light. The light and the snow provide plenty of light for me to work quietly and savor a slow, peaceful start to the day.

Three inches of new snow Sunday morning, off and on snow showers forecast through the week and we started Monday with some of that snow shower activity!

Coffee, Ciabatta and Snow: Monday Morning.

Snow Status

We’ve had a week of melting with some gray skies, some slushy-snow-rain squalls and today beautiful sunshine and blue sky!

A perfect day for a parlay in the snow…

… or a walk!

We’ve been having fun being out despite the occasional challenges of ice and slush. It is supposed to get colder with more snow on the way. I will be happy to have a few fresh inches … hopefully not a major amount again – just enough to freshen up our paths and cover the icy spots. That is the order I put in … we’ll see what we get!

Love Day

Although, we don’t need a holiday to celebrate love in this house, in can be fun if we celebrate outside the gooey sentimentality…

But, this year, we will stick with at least gooey in the form of a raspberry-chocolate-brioche pastry!

As a magician reveals his tricks … 2 layers of brioche dough rolled flat with chocolate chips and raspberry cream in the middle.

Sweet, gooey and good. Maybe it will keep me sweet all day ???

Auggie says: “Doubtful”.

Happy Valentines Day – may your day and every day be filled with love and joy.