CSA Week 4: some glitches

Week 4 started deliciously with roasted turnips and radishes plus all of their greens. A little olive oil spritzed on all and a hot pan in a hot oven for 10 minutes. The greens cook down, everything gets a bit of a crunchy char and some sweetness.

I put the result on a pizza with a little fontina and asiago.

Then things went a bit sideways. When I opened my container of salad mix on Friday, it did not look good. I disposed of all of it and later found out that there was a new washing/spin dry procedure and they did not get things dry enough before packing, hence the early demise. I think that is part of the “Community Support of Agrigulture”, but Lower Valley Farms felt it was on them so they doubled the salad mix for week 5.

I finished everything else, but a bit of dill and some green onions by last Tuesday.

Thursday morning, in preparation for week 5’s bounty and extra salad mix, I used the last of that dill and onions in Dishing Up the Dirt’s Garlic Cashew Cream dressing.

Ready for week 5!

Holy Cow! My box was almost overflowing: Kale, Napa cabbage, Red Leaf lettuce, salad turnips, kohlrabi, cilantro, arugula, spring lettuce mix and green onions.

That’s how it looks when I have it prepped for the refrigerator. Those green topped containers are my favorite for their shape … they fit well on my frig shelves … and the venting on the side and bottom keeps things fresh. The spinners get pressed into use for storage and have the arugula and lettuce mix ready to go. I spin them daily to make sure the greens stay fresh.

And fortunately, I am able to make room for all – looks gorgeous and I look forward to another week of fresh, local vegetables!

Rainy Tuesday

I know – it is Thursday! But … it rained on Tuesday and I had a post planned.

And then the squirrel and hummingbird happened.

Back to Tuesday.

It rained!

I made Ciabatta.

And in preparation for a local community thing, I did a “test” baked omelet/crustless quiche thing to put IN the ciabatta for a breakfast sandwich.

I am VERY fussy about my eggs and was skeptical…

But I persevered and assembled…

…and FROZE!!!

And was surprised. The baked omelet/cheese/ciabatta breakfast sandwich – frozen – microwaved…

It was delicious.


Rainy Tuesday.

The squirrel and the hummingbird

The squirrel.

I wish the squirrel had stayed where he was because the light was perfect there. But he moved up the tree, so unfortunately, I was shooting into the sun.

But the action was happening and I didn’t want to miss anything!

If you’ve never heard a hummingbird … when they fly close, they sound like the most gigantic bee that ever was. The sound from their wing action is incredibly loud for such a little creature. And it nearly always makes me cover my head in a “what size bee is that and please don’t sting me” kind of thing.

I was working and the slider was open behind me when I heard the hummer.

Then I heard the squirrel.

Back and forth, back and forth.

I got up to see the hummingbird flying at the squirrel.

I stood paralyzed for some moments not wanting to miss what was going on but wanting to try to take some photos.

Finally I moved and got the camera…

I have never been able to get a photo of a hummingbird in flight. They zip around so fast. They stop in a momentary hover and by the time I focus they have zipped away. But this bird was flying back and forth near the squirrel so I hoped that focusing on the squirrel and clicking away, I might get a shot of the hummer.

Some of these shots remind me of “Top Gun”…

Headed straight up at top speed!

Zeroing in on the squirrel…

The money shot!!

No conclusion, really.

The hummingbird went off – in search of food I would guess. Still, incredibly interesting.