Moments with Auggie

Friday afternoon, I was in an internet work group discussion. We were wrapping up with a bit of back and forth discussion. I stood up to stretch and noticed Auggie playing on the chair so grabbed the camera and captured a bit of Auggie playing on the chair in sunshine.



10 days ago it snowed like it meant it.

And then it warmed up.

And it stayed above freezing…

Gradually, the dry land appeared!

It was a miracle :) !!!

After snow on the ground for three solid months, it seemed like we might never see ground again.

And even with the warm, it was days. It was drippy and slushy and gray. It took a long time for bits of ground to appear. But once things got to ground, the ground increased rapidly.

The snowshoe paths I made and maintained for the past three months are the last to melt and now are bridges of ice between snow patches.


A real Winter

My first Winters in Northwest Montana – 1994-1997 – had plenty of snow and cold, but even then the locals often commented that it was warmer and less snow than years past.

Since that time we’ve had a number of mild winters. Some started promising with a significant snow and then it warmed – blech! The first two winters in this house (’06/07 and ’07/08) were good winters with plenty of snow and cold. Since then, Winter has been a bit puny give or take a storm or cold spell.

But, this Winter!! It has been wonderful. We’ve had plenty of snow on the ground since mid-December and mostly below freezing temperatures. It might not be the kind of Winter Montana had in many years past but compared to the mild winters of the recent past, this has been a real Winter.

It is March, though and we begin our typical stop-start process towards Spring.

After the snow that did the artwork on the motorhome, we had 2 warm days.

… and the usual lake(s) developed on the driveway as the ground is frozen hard and there is nowhere for melting snow to go.

After a trip to the grocery, I backed the Jeep up the walkway to avoid carrying groceries through icy puddles. The novelty of the Jeep in a “new” spot always intrigues Auggie and he had a fun time playing while I unloaded.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my tomatoes, avocado and tomatillos – they looked so pretty together. A bit of an eating disappointment as that giant heirloom tomato did NOT taste as good as it looked. It was from Mexico and I hoped it was a sun-ripened tomato but now I think a hothouse and for whatever reason they are pretty tasteless with a mushy texture. Oh, well.

And then…


Bear and I were walking when it started.

My hat after our walk.

Bear after our walk.

My favorite little tree – actually a lilac bush.

Auggie and Bear knew what to do.

Take a nap!

Coffee, Ciabatta and snow: Monday Morning

One of my favorite things is the morning time in the kitchen: making coffee, mixing or shaping dough or just standing and watching. During Winter, a bonus is large flakes of falling snow lit by an outside light. The light and the snow provide plenty of light for me to work quietly and savor a slow, peaceful start to the day.

Three inches of new snow Sunday morning, off and on snow showers forecast through the week and we started Monday with some of that snow shower activity!

Coffee, Ciabatta and Snow: Monday Morning.