Love Day

Although, we don’t need a holiday to celebrate love in this house, in can be fun if we celebrate outside the gooey sentimentality…

But, this year, we will stick with at least gooey in the form of a raspberry-chocolate-brioche pastry!

As a magician reveals his tricks … 2 layers of brioche dough rolled flat with chocolate chips and raspberry cream in the middle.

Sweet, gooey and good. Maybe it will keep me sweet all day ???

Auggie says: “Doubtful”.

Happy Valentines Day – may your day and every day be filled with love and joy.


It has been a crazy week: snow and work-wise.

But, this morning dawned with a sky that boded sunshine.

Look at those bits of blue!

I stood, folding kitchen towels, and watched…

…sunrise in my woods.

But it was warm and dripping and Auggie took refuge on the woodpile!


Later, inside.

Sunshine on the rosemary plant.

The over-wintering rosemary plant.

I hate to even say anything about the rosemary…